#598 Regular review of QuickDocs articles based on popularity
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From Google search analytics for the Docs home page, we could see trends on which articles are most popular. In the Docs home page, most read articles are QuickDocs. In this sense, I would like to suggest regular review based on popularity of QuickDocs how-to guides.

  • Raise awareness: start with sharing list of popular QuickDocs how-to guides on a monthly basis on Discussion
  • Get volunteers for technical review
  • Introduce 'maintainer' concept: if a writer/reviewer is an expert on KVM, they will take ownership of PR/Issue review as a priority.
  • Share the result and progress

I'll take a few Quick Docs articles that I'm interested in and had a major review or rewrite.
- Package management
- Change desktop environment
- Raspberry Pi

Please find the thread in Discussion.


Another source of data is Ask Common issues tag. Top three categories in Ask are;
- Installation
- Multimedia support
- Bootloader

We could use QA test result in every release and update the guide.

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Two things I can think of (which i think we've discussed on discussion.fp.o):

  • send "help wanted" e-mails to the devel lists to make experts aware that there is documentation that can use their help (I'm not sure if folks would serve as maintainers, but it's worth a try)
  • send out regular analytics on docs as a way to raise awareness in the community about how important they are?

Edit: not posting on discussions too, since this seems to be the primary ticket for this already

Great ideas, thanks.

  • Sending emails to experts on devel lists sounds like a plan.
    One-off help is much appreciated in the beginning. Maintainer concept could be a longshot, but worth trying for certain experts.

  • Correct on analytics to raise awareness: I'm thinking of monthly Docs analytics and work in progress in this ticket.

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I have to drop this, sorry as in the thread below. But I would leave this open for now if someone else can vote up and assist.


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