#554 Possible improvement of "Using the DNF software package manager"
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Regarding Using the DNF software package manager

The following suggestion is taken from a thread on discussion

" Fedora RPM

For this one, I want the document can highlight the difference of
$ sudo dnf install
$ dnf install
$ sudo dnf search
$ dnf search

Last time I checked, even after $dnf serach, then following by $sudo dnf install, dnf still need to download and precess all the meta data again. As those are separate between different users."


With or without sudo, both commands do not force a sync of expired metadata.

To synchronize all enabled repositories, run dnf search or install with the --refresh or the --cacheonly switch as you wish.

There is a thread on DNF expiration check.


Upstream doc on Metadata Synchronization will do.


search command is supposed to run without sudo. No need for additional comments in QD.

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