#553 Possible Improvement of "Installing software from source on Fedora"
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The following suggestions / questions are from a thread on discussion

"Usually, I will only take this route when neccessary. It is usually certain feature from a application only exist in some version, which the RPM is older.

What I need from the document is:

  1. How about avoid both RPM and source conflict with each other

    • I usually use RPM to install the older version then install by source, as it usually will take care of dependency issues for the source version
  2. What will be the implication for future updates like “dnf upgrade”

  3. Common issues that might arise when doing install by source version

    • selinux policy
    • firewall
    • that is, all the steps taken care by dnf, now needs to be done manually.


There is a PR made already by Alan. @pboy you can close this.


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