#528 Review of older documents: Fedora on Raspberry Pi
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We decided to start a Review of older Quick Docs articles:

  • Content: Is it technically up to date?
  • Quality: determine the type (how-to, tutorial, guide,...)
  • Usability: Add author (optional), related Fedora release, date of last substantial review/update

URL: https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/quick-docs/raspberry-pi/

Specifically here

  • Should we integrate the partials into the main text body?
  • If not: move the partials into a Fedora Raspi article specific subdir of the partials directory to provide a better overview
  • Check all the Antora specific item. I gues, we don't have to use many of them anymore.

Metadata Update from @pboy:
- Issue tagged with: good first issue, improvement

6 months ago

I want to suggest a light edit on this section "Installing Fedora on a Raspberry Pi using the Fedora ARM installer"

  • Source file:

  • My edit: please find a text file. I find it super-hard to edit partials with attributes. I don't want to break the page. Could anyone interlace this text into partials? This installation guide is tried and tested with input from ARM expert on Discussion. I ran pi for 1 year as headless server.

  • Section to be replaced: Procedure on "Installing Fedora on a Raspberry Pi using the Fedora ARM installer"


Metadata Update from @hankuoffroad:
- Issue assigned to hankuoffroad

a month ago

On another note, why do we need other OS sections? Is there a need for that?
Unless there is a valid reason, we just need to keep installation for Fedora and other Linux.

Metadata Update from @hankuoffroad:
- Issue priority set to: next meeting (was: awaiting triage)

a month ago

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