#292 Increasing GNOME performance by changing CPU governor and reducing swappiness
Opened 3 months ago by t0xic0der. Modified 2 months ago

Today I discovered this article (which you can find here, which helped to significantly increase the performance and have smoother animations on GNOME. I think we should compile the same in a quick doc.

What do you folks think?

@ankursinha Where are we on this?

(That's a rhetorical question. A part of the question, asks "Where are we" and the other one says "On this" much like its answer.)

Uhm, I don't know. As I've said on AskFedora, I personally don't know how valuable this is---it is quite advanced, and I'm still not sure if we want to put this in the docs and risk non-advanced users changing defaults and possibly running into issues. It'll certainly need lots of warnings XD.

I thought we had discussed contacting the workstation WG etc. to see what they think, since they're likely to have data on performance etc.?

With the possibility to reset the governor back at boot and the fact the most laptops come with either powersave governor (Intel-only) or conservative/ondemand (AMD-only), I think it should be safe enough (with added warnings) and desirable at the same time.

At AskFedora, the thread was referenced from a multitude of places by everyone irrespective of the desktop environment that they put to use. Let's contact the Workstation group to see what they have to say about it. (But here's my ₹0.003715, GNOME could really use a powerful governor)

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