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+ = Modular Upgrade Paths


+ == Version Prefixes


+ Modules built with Module Build Service (MBS) v2.8.1 or newer will contain a

+ version prefix. This prefix is derived by the stream version of the Platform

+ module that the module build buildrequires. For instance, if the Platfom module

+ has a stream of `f29`, then the stream version would be `29`. This makes it so

+ that a module with a version of `20181109101859` would become

+ `2920181109101859`. This ensures that modules built with later versions of

+ Fedora always have higher versions, and thefore, have a clear upgrade path.


+ The reason this is needed is that a module's version is dynamically derived

+ from the commit timestamp of the modulemd that was used for the module build.

+ This becomes an issue in the following scenario. If you build a module for

+ Fedora 28, then build a module of the same stream for Fedora 29, then when

+ upgrading to Fedora 29 will work just fine because the module build for Fedora

+ 29 was built later, so therefore has a higher version. If the module build for

+ Fedora 28 needs to be rebuilt however, then the version will be higher than the

+ Fedora 29 build since the modulemd will have a newer commit. This will mean that

+ a user with the Fedora 28 module version installed, will encounter issues when

+ upgrading to Fedora 29 since the user will already have a module with a higher

+ version installed than what is provided by Fedora 29. Prefixing the module

+ version with the buildrequired Platform stream version solves the issue.

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