#8 Docs FAD 2018
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My name is Robert Kratky (rkratky). I'm a member of the Fedora Docs Project, and I work as a Technical Writer at Red Hat. Lately, I've been involved in an effort to revive Fedora Docs and kickstart contributions to both existing and new docs. To that end, a colleague and I held a docs workshop at the last Flock, and I helped to organize a Fedora docs activity day for other technical writers at Red Hat.

I'd like to continue that work by participating in the FAD. I'm especially interested in helping to modularize Fedora docs content in order to make its maintenance and potential reuse easier.

I would be travelling from Brno, CR.

Hi! Looks like we will be doing this in Seville, Spain. (Feb 26 - 2 March 2018, with travel days during weekends before/after.) Does that still work for you? Also, are you able / willing to share a room to help us save on costs?

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