#4 Application: FAD Documentation 2018
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Hi *,

I'm Michael and mainly I contract for managed learning providers/outsourcers currently, essentially I travel to various enterprises in the United States and teach FOSS solutions, programming languages and security courses, etc.

I have benefited from the movements of FOSS and OSS, as far back as I can remember. Most of the skills I posses can be attributed to the documentation that others have written and published within the public domain.

I believe it's my turn now to give back to the community that has given and changed so much for world to benefit and would be honoured to be given an opportunity to be amongst others that feel the same.

Currently I live in LA, California and my areas of interest are primarily enterprise computing solutions (RHEL, Docker, Puppet, OpenStack, KVM, Kubernetes, etc.), systems programming (Linux kernel), just to name a few.

Hi! Looks like we will be doing this in Seville, Spain. (Feb 26 - 2 March 2018, with travel days during weekends before/after.) Does that still work for you? Also, are you able / willing to share a room to help us save on costs?

Well I'd require a visa to go to Spain, so I guess I'm off the list.

Oh, that's unfortunate. Is that a matter of not enough time, or is a visa not possible?

Travel form sent, just in case.

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