#25 Creation of a CPE Page
Opened a year ago by lgriffin. Modified a year ago

I'd like to request a Community Platform Engineering (CPE) page be created as we are looking at a more dynamic format than the current wiki. I hope this is the right place and let me know what other information you need!

@pbokoc tagging you here in case you can help and / or have a thought :)

@lgriffin We do have a CPE page, here: https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/cpe/ (On the front page you can find it under Engineering Teams.)

Regarding content, is there anything currently missing from there that you'd like to see? It's very rudimentary right now and I'm open to suggestions.

Also FYI, I had a conversation with @pingou recently about branding and sharing the same repo between Fedora and CentOS. I had an idea to develop a third UI package that would differentiate the CPE docs from both projects; that way we won't have to link Fedora-branded docs from docs.centos.org or vice versa. I'll get to it sometime soon, it shouldn't take me long and we already have a sweet logo that I can use :).

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Ah excellent I didn't realise that was the one we had on docs.fpo. I'd like to see a few additions here with the team represented, a profile of sorts with their email / IRC / relevant details. I'd like to see the links for how to work with us, what our mission is, our backlog, our future plans and so on. I want this to be inclusive of both the Fedora and CentOS aspects of our shared team so I welcome your insight on how best to achieve this.

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