#21 [Doc FAD] Application for Sumantrom
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FAS name:


Motivation and Background
I am sumantro , i work for Fedora QA team and I being a part of Fedora QA team I have written Fedora QA onboarding blogs [0][1][2] I am currently planning to put some of my time with Fedora Doc team in terms to general documentation writing for users and also make a Fedora QA section in the new docs. Recently, I have created a Fedora QA join doc which requires a qa repo to recide and @bex is helping me with that. I also write for RHT Developers blog and Fedora Mag about Ardunio and IoT.
I will work on Wiki to Doc migration and will even write docs for the applications which are missing docs. As a part of the qa , I can help in filing and fixing bugs in the install and admin guides.

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