#16 Docs FAD 2018 Application - Matthew Miller (mattdm)
Opened 3 years ago by mattdm. Modified 3 years ago

Name / FAS: Matthew Miller / mattdm

Motivation / background:

  1. I want Fedora users and contributors to easily find the help they need.
  2. I want to grow the Fedora userbase by making Fedora-based solutions easy to find.
  3. I want to free up the wiki from documentation concerns so it can better function as an active workspace.
  4. I want to rebuild the Docs Team to a vital, active part of Fedora where new participants can easily find a home.

To this end, I worked with @bex in kicking off the new docs site, and I wrote a lot of stuff about the Council and also did a horrific bulk conversion of high-traffic wiki pages to kick us off.

Specific areas of interest

  • Picking off low-hanging fruit.
  • Making this shiny and nice.
  • Getting people involved.


Boston, but I may need to travel from Arizona depending on timing.

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