#12 Docs FAD 2018 Application - Geoff Marr (coremodule)
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Hi FAD Docs 2018 coordinators,

My name is Geoffrey Marr (FAS: coremodule), and I am currently employed by Fedora QA with the primary objective of testing the latest Fedora releases. I have worked in the Linux industry for 6 years, having worked as an engineer for an LED-matrix traffic sign company before Red Hat. My duties in my current position have stretched into technical writing, as I have written various test-cases for certain Fedora features [0] as well as all of the "Heroes of Fedora" posts since Fedora 24 Alpha [1]. These articles are mostly data, but I try to throw something in there to entice the reader when it seems appropriate.

I am interested in Fedora Cloud, as well as Fedora ARM and anything relating to those technologies. I would enjoy updating the existing articles that are deemed fit for an amendment and would like to work on the contributor handbook.

My location is Colorado Springs, CO (Airport: COS).

[0] https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Local_Test_Cloud_Installation_Guide
[1] https://communityblog.fedoraproject.org/author/coremodule/

Hi! Looks like we will be doing this in Seville, Spain. (Feb 26 - 2 March 2018, with travel days during weekends before/after.) Does that still work for you? Also, are you able / willing to share a room to help us save on costs?

Hi Matthew,

Sure, that works for me! Sharing a room is no problem. I just ask that, if
accepted, I could get a travel itinerary/plane ticket/hotel booking two
weeks before travelling, as I will have to apply for an expedited passport
and need proof of travel within two weeks to expedite the process.


Geoff Marr
IRC: coremodule

Yeah, we're finalizing travel details now.

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