#11 Docs FAD 2018 Application - Justin W. Flory (jflory7)
Opened 3 years ago by jflory7. Modified 3 years ago

  • Name / FAS: @jflory7
  • Motivation / background:
  • Specific interest areas:
    • Migrating wiki content to docs
      • Specifically interested in Fedora sub-project / team angle; want to collaborate with others on a high-level plan on how to do this in an organized / collected way
    • Contributor handbook
    • Not mentioned in FAD proposal, but also interested in identifying on-boarding opportunities inside of Docs team to help build up core group of contributors
  • Location: Rochester, NY (Airport: ROC)
    • For locations on US east coast, I'm able and willing to drive to save on travel costs

  • Caveat: With my current time, I don't see a long-running commitment from me inside of the Docs team; however, I see an overlapping, mutual interest area with work in CommOps that compliments the work at this FAD. I see my participation as a chance to understand the docs team workflow, help support the growth of the team, and helping teach others in Fedora on migrating to a Fedora Docs-based solution for content management.
  • Caveat2: If selected, I need to request time off, but it may not be approved

Hi! Looks like we will be doing this in Seville, Spain. (Feb 26 - 2 March 2018, with travel days during weekends before/after.) Does that still work for you? Also, are you able / willing to share a room to help us save on costs?

Does that still work for you?

Will confirm dates with employer. I also see the Mindshare FAD is planning a nearby date range for their FAD. Knowing the status of the Mindshare FAD helps me in making a decision.

Also, are you able / willing to share a room to help us save on costs?


Cool. Travel form sent.

To follow up, my air travel is booked and confirmed. See you all next week!

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