Fedora Docs Build Repository

This is the build repository for the Fedora Documentation Website. Fedora Docs are built using Antora

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Please report general Issues and submit Pull Requests for Publishing Fixes here. Content issues be reported against the source repositories:

This repository contains the main Antora playbook that defines the whole site. Please see the site.yml for a list of repositories used to build the site.

Testing your changes locally

Both scripts work on Fedora (using Podman) and macOS (using Docker).

To build the site, run:

$ ./

Please note the build script uses Docker to build the site in an insolated environment. You might be asked for a root password in order to run it.

The result will be in a ./public/ directory.

To preview the site, either open the ./public/en_US/index.html file in a web browser, or run:

$ ./

How to Publish

Publishing uses two repos:

  1. Build the site using the ./ script
  2. Stage the site by opening the stg branch of the output repository
  3. Copy the output of public/ into the output repo's en-US directory.
  4. The site is updated every 5 minutes and should be reviewed at
  5. Push the changes to production by merging the stg branch into the prod branch. Production is republished every 60 minutes.

Branching New Releaess


Project Plan

See the Project Taiga Board at: