#81 Figure out remix page publishing
Opened 2 years ago by bex. Modified 2 years ago

#25 Consider moving Remixes wiki page to more appropriate location
Created 3 months ago by @abkahrs
Modified 3 months ago

I mentioned to @bex in IRC that the below linked page on the wiki seems to be in the wrong place given the new purpose of the wiki. He asked that I create an issue here. I feel this should be moved to a location that is easier to find as well as more relevant to role it play in Fedora. Possibly under a related topic to the SIGs, or subprojects.

Wiki page in question: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Remix

CC: @tjzabel @jflory7

The wiki page is probably a good candidate to move into the remix-building docs.

cc: @abkahrs @tjzabel @ctmartin

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