#67 Add "last modified" or "page creation date" to Fedora Docs
Opened 2 years ago by tjzabel. Modified 2 years ago

Currently, there is no easy way to tell when a doc has been created, or last updated. Due to the fact that software gets updated and outdated at times, it would be nice if docs had a date on them either on the top or bottom so those reading can determine relevance.

Need a picture on how documentation build process works. If it rebuilds everything from scratch, then timestamp will be updated every time to the latest one. This in turn will make all content marked as modified in version control. May require additional conversion steps just for this feature and that's why a diagram of the process is needed. Like some built with https://github.com/knsv/mermaid

We should determine if there is an AsciiDoc macro that returns a file's last modification date. I haven't had time to look, but I suspect this is what we can wire in to drive the date/time. The build system regenerates every html page everytime, but we should be able to pass this information through.

We are currently transitioning from AsciiBinder to Antora, so this can be worked on for the new system. I tend to do a hack on the new tooling on Fridays. If someone has time to research the macro, I'll see about getting passed through and updating the test site.

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