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Opened 6 years ago by yotam. Modified 2 years ago

The old documentation had an option to download it as epub and pdf files, I would be helpful to bring it back.

Asciibinder currently has no support for this that I can tell.
There are "plugins" for asciidoctor for both. So it seems like we could either work to add support for them to asciibinder, or call them directly during the build process. Not sure what is a better approach or if the asciibinder team would even accept a PR for that functionality.


I happen to also be a maintainer (as of recently) for AsciiBinder. This came up in conversation during our last maintainers meeting. The maintainers would accept a PR for this. Right now no one has stepped forward to code it.

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2 years ago

There is an antora extension in the works for generating PDF (and most likely epub).
So this is in progress...

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