#249 Migrate translations-scripts repo to GitLab
Opened 3 months ago by bcotton. Modified 3 months ago

This issue is for tracking the migration of the translations-scripts repo to the fedora/docs space on GitLab.

Coordinate this work with @jibecfed as it will require changes to the translations tooling.

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3 months ago

hi, what's the added value to migrate to gitlab?

After some long thinking, the two other l10n repositories in the fedora-docs namespace (translated-source and localization) contain only generated content and no user interaction are really needed on those. Therefore, moving them to gitlab, which requires some work, yield no rewards.
This repository (translations-scripts) however is really tied to the build pipeline and I really think it would be a good idea to move it next to the docs-fp-o repository.
Additionally, it would give it a bit more exposure with the help of the group-wide dashboards and may even help bringing in new contributors (it's a long shot, I know, but still ;) ).
We can even think about adding some CI / automated testing with gitlab-ci at some point.

@jibecfed what do you think?

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