#219 Lots of dead links reported at build time
Opened 2 years ago by darknao. Modified 3 days ago

Since Antora 3.0, the build script now report any internal dead links. And we have a lot of them.


Guide on how to fix it:

[19:47:33.715] ERROR (asciidoctor): target of xref not found: After_Installation.adoc#sect-gnome-initial-setup
    file: modules/install-guide/pages/install/After_Installation.adoc
    source: https://pagure.io/fedora-docs/install-guide.git (refname: master)

In this example, the bad link can be found in this file: https://pagure.io/fedora-docs/install-guide/blob/master/f/modules/install-guide/pages/_partials/install/InitialSetupHub.adoc#_11

xref:install/After_Installation.adoc#sect-gnome-initial-setup[GNOME Initial Setup]
  • Use the local preview to check your fix.
  • Create a PR with your changes.

@pbokoc is this still relevant and needed since The Fedora Install Guide has been deprecated and removed in F37.?

Install-guide is just an example, if you check the build.log from issue description you see dead links in many other components, too.

Yeah, the links are all over the place. I need to set aside some time to go through them all and fix them, thanks for the reminder :).

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