#110 No clear way how to report a problem at docs.fedoraproject.org
Closed: Fixed 2 years ago by darknao. Opened 5 years ago by pbokoc.

Originally reported by Kamil Páral in https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1683125

I found a broken link in https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/packaging-guidelines/ . I wanted to report that, but... I have no idea where! The page doesn't contain any indication whatsoever (in a header/footer) where to report such issues. That is a big problem, because we'll never know about docs failures if we don't tell users where to report them.

I then went to https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/docs/ and it's the same story. Again, no contact, no tracker link, nothing.

I found this bugzilla entry and I hope somebody will notice this report, but even here, I couldn't find a component that would be "general issues for docs.fp.o".

Please fix this. Provide a clear link for reporting issues/contact on every page that is displayed at docs.fp.o (in a header/footer). Make sure the homepage has relevant info as well. It is critical for keeping our docs usable. Thank you!

@asamalik Each page already has an "edit this page" link that leads to pagure and opens the specific source file in the correct repo. How hard would it be to generate a second, "Report an issue" link next to it, leading to the repo's issue tracker?

@pbokoc that would need to be done on the Antora side. I think it makes sense to have something like that in place. I'd imagine the issue tracker URL would be set per/component?

@asamalik Yeah, that would be one way to do it - have a config line for each repo's issue tracker in antora.yml or somewhere. I suppose it could even work automatically in cases where the repo is hosted on one of the better known services like github or pagure - you already have a config item for the repo URL, you and the issue tracker always has the same URL based on that one, so you might as well create a link to the latter by the former.

Now that I'm thinking about it though, we could actually just change the wording of the "Edit this page" link in the UI bundle to something like "Edit or Report a Bug". It's not very elegant but it should sort of work - when you click that link you end up a click away from issues too. I'm not sure how much I like that idea though.

hello, when we have a localized version of the doc, this edit button isn't really useful either.

I suggest to have a drop-down menu:


  • edit the page (only if page content is en-US)
  • improve translation (only if page content is not en-US : link to translation platform, in the correct project and correct lang)
  • report an issue
  • translate this page in your language (link to translation platform, in the correct project but with no lang selected)
  • discuss with us on IRC (link to freenode chat?)

As far as I know, we can generate all these URL without touching any of our repositories

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A link to report an issue has been added in the top right

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