#3 Weblate out of sync
Closed 2 years ago by jibecfed. Opened 2 years ago by darknao.

This last commit 42aebd7 didn't end up in Weblate for some reason, and continue to display the previous version of this string : https://translate.fedoraproject.org/translate/fedora-docs-l10n-fedora/f34pagesindex/en/?checksum=7416777bade579b1
The hooks though seems to work just fine as po files got updated (d61edba) but still not showing the right version in weblate.

@jibecfed do you have an idea how to fix this ?

I confirm the bug and can't fix it using the weblate ui, I sent an email to ask for help to the weblate support

Michal from weblate confirmed the bug, ran manually the script on all our components and will include a fix in Webate 4.8.
thanks for sharing this

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2 years ago

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