#241 Migrate from Pagure to GitLab
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Migrate our team tickets and docs website from Pagure to Fedora GitLab


Fedora now has a subscription to GitLab and several other Fedora sub-teams and projects are moving there. Additionally, GitLab is also a well-maintained project hosting solution and includes other useful features we could use for project management. This would be a good chance for the DEI Team to move from our current platform over to the new system. Our work can also become more discoverable to others who work within the Fedora GitLab organization.

It is unclear whether we can migrate issues from Pagure to GitLab. If this is not possible, I would propose freezing our Pagure repo tickets for historical preservation purposes, and migrating over to GitLab as a fresh start. Our most recent or most active tickets could be manually migrated.


Approximate steps needed for this to happen:

  1. Confirm whether Paggure issues can migrate to GitLab.
    1. If yes: Migrate Pagure repo to GitLab.
    2. If no: Copy Pagure git repo to the new GitLab repository.
  2. Copy issue labels and other metadata settings from Pagure to GitLab.
  3. Update Fedora Docs build script with new GitLab repo.
  4. Update Fedora Easyfix tracker to use "good first issues" on GitLab and not Pagure.
  5. Explore a kanban board or other project management tool to track our work.

If possible, this could be a good chance to see if it is possible to have cross-project issue boards, so the Fedora DEI Team issues could possibly be crossed into workflows of other teams (and vice versa).


  1. Better platform support and user experience from an actively maintained project management tool
  2. Improve access to project management tools and workflows available on GitLab to help us stay organized and visualize the different workstreams happening on the team.

I'd like to discuss this at the next team meeting and see if we can agree on a timeline for completing this migration.

I can take a look at the migration as it's all stored in Git. I do a lot of work with Gitlab and can help here.

Discussed in 2022-11-07 meeting (video).

In the meeting, there was a general interest in exploring GitLab. The question asked by other teams also emerged in our call about how we would preserve the 7+ years of our team conversations and discussions here in Pagure. The data we have in Pagure even traces back to data from our Trac system in 2015 to 2016.

I am going to pilot a new documentation repository for our docs, but the question of whether we can import our issue history remains unanswered. However, as @sarah-thornton mentioned above, this could be feasible! I am going to lodge a ticket with fedora-infrastructure and see if we can get a conversation started.

It also came up that our "Getting started" docs as a team could be improved to explain how to set up a Fedora-linked GitLab account. There is a special portal for signing into the Fedora Account System (FAS) from GitLab. This links your Fedora account to your GitLab account, and also grants membership to the Fedora organization on GitLab. Since this is a new step, it would be helpful for both old-timers and newcomers to know how to do this correctly.

In the interim, I am going to assign this ticket to me while I do the following:

  • Request a D.E.I. sub-group in the Fedora top-level GitLab group
  • Create a new "docs" repo, copy over the existing git repo here on Pagure
  • Update Fedora Docs tooling to use the new GitLab repo

I will also open a fedora-infrastructure ticket and copy @sarah-thornton there.

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4 months ago

Discussed in 2022-12-05 video meeting.

The Fedora DEI team needs to decide between one of these two options:

  1. Migrate to GitLab NOW and move historical data LATER: We move our discussion tracker and documentation website from Pagure to GitLab. Pagure goes into read-only state for referencing historical decisions. When tooling is available, we migrate historical data from Pagure and then permanently archive Pagure.
  2. Wait for migration support FIRST and move LATER: We wait for tooling that can provide a full, seamless migration of past issues and PRs into GitLab. We continue using the same workflow in GitLab. Once migrated, Pagure is either put into read-only state or deleted.

This is related to cpe/initiatives-proposal#25, although we don't have a timeline on this yet (although it is likely to be much later in 2023). The ask to the team is to decide whether we move our main workflow over to GitLab now and start making our way over there, or if we wait for the migration tooling to be created and move sometime later in 2023.

As a note, some things might start appearing on GitLab sooner (e.g. an issue tracker for initiatives and larger project ideas for the DEI Team).

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3 months ago

There is ongoing work for this migration. The long-term plan is to have one GitLab repo for long-term initiatives and another one for ongoing team tasks and work. The long-term initiatives are any tasks that would be scoped beyond one full Fedora release cycle. The other repo is for more menial tasks and team housekeeping sort of work (e.g. our documentation).

The initiatives repo is in place, but the ongoing teamwork repo is not yet: https://gitlab.com/fedora/dei/initiatives/-/issues

I met with @amsharma today who will help out with this migration process, given I am helping Council and Mindshare with the same task too. I will assign this issue to her to help keep track until we complete the migration!

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