#169 Restructure Demographics Survey page in D&I docs
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Current structure: https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/diversity-inclusion/demographic-survey/

Demographic Survey
    - Introduction Text
    - Objective
    - Relevant Sources
    - Survey Questions

Introduction Text: This wiki page contains the draft of questions used for a Fedora contributor / demographic survey. Most of these questions were extensively discussed and revised during the FAD Diversity 2017. More details about this can be found in Pagure ticket discussions and in Etherpads. The questions in this wiki page are not finalized unless otherwise stated.

Change it to:

Demographic Survey [Make this a drop down, remove `Introduction Text`]
   - Objective [First page in drop down list]
     - Objectives [section as is]
     - Relevant sources [section as is]
   - Survey Questions [Make this a drop down]
     - Fedora and free and open source software usage and contributions [First page in drop down list]
     - Demographics [Second page in drop down list]
     - Perception of, experience with, and attitudes towards diversity and inclusion [Third page in drop down list]

Remove this text from Survey Questions:

Below are the "ver. 1.0" version of the survey questions. Our last plan for these was to submit them to Fedora Legal for feedback, which I believe @bex and @marinaz were going to work on. These questions will also be updated in the Survey wiki page.

Stretch goal:
There is no place which shows current statistics about the diversity situation in Fedora.

  1. A simple dynamic counter (absolute value) or a percentage for under representation linked with FAS can help us gauge our goals (e.g. aspire to have a 50:50 ratio by 20xx).
  2. A dynamic dashboard/metrics (with visual graphs) showing the variation in diversity across Fedora on the landing page.

I have some spare time tonight to work on this. I'm going to take this and split this particularly large and complex page up into a new module.

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