#1 [EXAMPLE] FWD 2018 proposal - Concordia Station, Antarctica
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Event logistics

  • Date: 2018-09-22
  • Location: Concordia Station, Antarctica
  • Organizer(s): @jflory7
  • First time organizing a FWD event?: yes
  • Estimated number of attendees: 10-20 people

About your event

What kind of people do you expect to attend?

Most of the people attending will probably know about Linux, but not know much about Fedora. Most of them will probably be engineers / developers and know how to write code, but they may not know much about Fedora or the community.

What do you plan to cover in the agenda for your FWD event?

I plan to talk about Fedora Workstation and how it makes it easier to be a developer. I also hope to talk about Fedora Modularity, since many of us at Concordia Station are deploying software with different versions of the same technology at the same time. I also want to show people the Developer Portal and how it makes it easy to get started doing work on Fedora!

Lastly, I also want to talk about the Fedora community and how to get involved with Fedora. I plan to show people whatcanidoforfedora.org and encourage people to sign up and introduce themselves in the Fedora Join SIG.

Are there any questions you have for the D&I Team?

I wanted to talk about the Fedora Diversity & Inclusion Team and the Fedora Infrastructure Apprentice program. I think a lot of people will be interested in Infrastructure, but I'm not sure how to introduce them or what to show them. Do you have suggestions?

Anything you want us to know?

This is the first-ever event about Fedora held at Concordia Station! There are many women working here and they have an interest in Linux and new development technologies. We have a PyLadies chapter that meets once a month, and I plan to organize Fedora Women's Day as part of the monthly PyLadies meet-up.

Budget request

  • Soda / drinks: $10.00 USD
  • Pizza: $25.50 USD
  • Transportation for @jflory7 from Casey Station, Antarctica: $56.25 USD

Unfortunately, there is no PyLadies chapter at Casey Station, so I hope to travel to Concordia Station to present Fedora Women's Day.

  • FINAL TOTAL: $91.75 USD

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@amsharma @jonatoni We should have the email of organiser added in Event logistics section as it is difficult to find every organiser's email for any communication. I faced this when I was looking for sending feedback form. Just commenting here so that we don't forget.

@nikhilkathole we don't need it because their email address is <fas-username>@fedoraproject.org or we can find their other email writing .fasinfo fas-username on IRC

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