#3 Reprocessed new dark wallpapers in darktable
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@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@ 

      <wallpaper deleted="false">

          <name>Winter in Bohemia</name>

          <filename>@prefix@/share/backgrounds/fedora-workstation/winter-in-bohemia.png </filename>

-         <filename-dark>@prefix@/share/backgrounds/fedora-workstation/winter-in-bohemia_dark.png </filename-dark>

+         <filename-dark>@prefix@/share/backgrounds/fedora-workstation/winter-in-bohemia_dark.jpg </filename-dark>


          <author>Helena Bartosova</author>


empty or binary file added

I processed the photos with darktable to create new dark mode images. Most are heavily inspired by Máirín's work at making dark versions.

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3 months ago

Máirín Duffy

Thanks a lot for your dedication and new design. I look forward to it a lot. I checked the F36 Beta test part and it seems to be very well received!
Have a greate time!