#7 Add a requeriments.txt file
Opened 9 months ago by bt0dotninja. Modified 8 months ago

To maintain the portability between platforms and track dependencies. We need to add a requirements file[0]. The “Requirements files” are files containing a list of items to be installed using pip install.

[0] https://pip.pypa.io/en/stable/reference/pip_install/#requirements-file-format

Hi! @bt0dotninja I am working on issue #1 and part of the solution to add flake8 and black as a requirement (also the other requirements such as fedmsg, pandas, and matplotlib) I already created a requirements.txt, so the PR I am working on would solve these two issues. Please, can you assign it to me? :D

Metadata Update from @mattdm:
- Issue assigned to josseline

8 months ago

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