#652 (UNDER DISCUSSION DO NOT MERGE YET) Add gnome-connections to GNOME desktop group
Opened 2 months ago by adamwill. Modified 2 months ago
adamwill/fedora-comps workstation-connections  into  main

file modified
@@ -2448,6 +2448,7 @@ 

        <packagereq type="mandatory">gdm</packagereq>

        <packagereq type="mandatory">gedit</packagereq>

        <packagereq type="mandatory">gnome-boxes</packagereq>

+       <packagereq type="mandatory">gnome-connections</packagereq>

        <packagereq type="mandatory">gnome-control-center</packagereq>

        <packagereq type="mandatory">gnome-initial-setup</packagereq>

        <packagereq type="mandatory">gnome-session-wayland-session</packagereq>

Boxes dropped support for VNC, and this app is apparently the
approved replacement. Seems like VNC capability ought to be in
the stock deployment.

Signed-off-by: Adam Williamson awilliam@redhat.com

Probably, but requires further discussion (GNOME release team and Fedora Workstation WG).

CC @feborges, what's your plan?

@adamwill Can you file this as a ticket at https://pagure.io/fedora-workstation/issues please? We discuss app additions there before adding anything.

If a VNC client is expected to be part of the compose, then GNOME Connections is likely the candidate.

My take was that it makes sense for GNOME Connections to be part of the compose if it becomes the place for server configuration, but it seems we are going a different path in gnome-remote-desktop https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/gnome-remote-desktop/-/issues/54

To be frank, GNOME Connections hasn't seen much development in the GNOME 40 cycle due to me being busy with some more urgent asks, but I can certainly do some extra sprint/development-sessions to bring it up to speed if Connections gets included in the compose.

I took a quick look at it and filed a few cosmetic issues.