#649 remove dhcp-client from comps groups
Opened 2 months ago by dustymabe. Modified 2 months ago
dustymabe/fedora-comps dusty-dhcp-client  into  main

file modified
@@ -569,7 +569,6 @@ 

        <packagereq type="mandatory">bash</packagereq>

        <packagereq type="mandatory">coreutils</packagereq>

        <packagereq type="mandatory">curl</packagereq>

-       <packagereq type="mandatory">dhcp-client</packagereq>

        <packagereq type="mandatory">dnf</packagereq>

        <packagereq type="mandatory">e2fsprogs</packagereq>

        <packagereq type="mandatory">filesystem</packagereq>
@@ -4047,9 +4046,6 @@ 




-       <!-- This is the preferred DHCP client so that NetworkManager won't

-            fall back to the internal one in full installations. -->

-       <packagereq type="default">dhcp-client</packagereq>

        <!-- required for IPv4 connection sharing ("Hotspot") to work -->

        <packagereq type="default">dnsmasq</packagereq>

        <!-- required for IPv4 connection sharing ("Hotspot") to work -->
@@ -4832,7 +4828,6 @@ 

        <packagereq type="mandatory">PackageKit</packagereq>

        <packagereq type="mandatory">polkit</packagereq>

        <packagereq type="mandatory">realmd</packagereq>

-       <packagereq type="default">dhcp-client</packagereq>

        <packagereq type="default">fedora-release-server</packagereq>

        <packagereq type="default">NetworkManager-team</packagereq>


NetworkManager has an internal client that we can use. It'd be nice
to drop dhclient if we can.

Note: this probably needs a Change Proposal sent out. I'm mostly proposing this change here to spark some discussion on the topic and to find out what all we need to do first.

I'm in favor. Do you want to submit a change and/or at least discuss on devel list in case there are cases we missed?

I think a self-contained Change proposal for F35 is the right course of action here.