#569 f34: Add i3, i3-extended, i3-desktop-environment COMPs
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@@ -2882,6 +2882,53 @@ 




+     <id>i3</id>

+     <_name>i3 window manager</_name>

+     <_description>i3 is a tiling window manager primarily targeted at advanced users and developers. This group is a minimal, lightweight group of packages to use i3wm with other system components.</_description>

+     <default>false</default>

+     <uservisible>false</uservisible>

+     <packagelist>

+       <packagereq type="mandatory">i3</packagereq>

+       <packagereq type="mandatory">i3lock</packagereq>

+       <packagereq type="mandatory">i3status</packagereq>

+       <packagereq type="mandatory">dunst</packagereq>

+       <packagereq type="mandatory">lightdm</packagereq>

+       <packagereq type="mandatory">lightdm-gtk</packagereq>

+       <packagereq type="mandatory">lightdm-gtk-greeter-settings </packagereq>

+       <packagereq type="mandatory">nmcli</packagereq>

+       <packagereq type="mandatory">network-manager-applet</packagereq>

+       <packagereq type="mandatory">pactl</packagereq>

+       <packagereq type="mandatory">pavucontrol</packagereq>

+       <packagereq type="mandatory">volumeicon</packagereq>

+       <packagereq type="mandatory">xbrightlight</packagereq>

+       <packagereq type="mandatory">mousepad</packagereq>

+       <packagereq type="default">azote</packagereq>

+       <packagereq type="default">dmenu</packagereq>

+       <packagereq type="default">firefox</packagereq>

+       <packagereq type="default">htop</packagereq>

+     </packagelist>

+   </group>

+   <group>

+     <id>i3-extended</id>

+     <_name>i3 window manager (supplemental packages)</_name>

+     <_description>i3 is a tiling window manager primarily targeted at advanced users and developers. This group includes supplemental, optional packages for the i3 window manager.</_description>

+     <default>false</default>

+     <uservisible>false</uservisible>

+     <packagelist>

+         <packagereq type="default">rofi</packagereq>

+         <packagereq type="default">powertop</packagereq>

+         <packagereq type="default">arandr</packagereq>

+         <packagereq type="default">conky</packagereq>

+         <packagereq type="default">i3status-rs</packagereq>

+         <packagereq type="default">alacritty</packagereq>

+         <packagereq type="default">tmux</packagereq>

+         <packagereq type="default">xarchiver</packagereq>

+         <packagereq type="default">qutebrowser</packagereq>

+         <packagereq type="default">py3status</packagereq>

+         <packagereq type="default">lxappearance</packagereq>

+     </packagelist>

+   </group>

+   <group>


      <_name>Input Methods</_name>

      <_description>Input method packages for the input of international text.</_description>
@@ -5976,6 +6023,27 @@ 




+     <id>i3-desktop-environment</id>

+     <name>i3 desktop</name>

+     <grouplist>

+         <groupid>admin-tools</groupid>

+         <groupid>base-x</groupid>

+         <groupid>core</groupid>

+         <groupid>dial-up</groupid>

+         <groupid>fonts</groupid>

+         <groupid>hardware-support</groupid>

+         <groupid>i3</groupid>

+         <groupid>input-methods</groupid>

+         <groupid>multimedia</groupid>

+         <groupid>networkmanager-submodules</groupid>

+         <groupid>standard</groupid>

+         <groupid>printing</groupid>

+     </grouplist>

+     <optionlist>

+         <groupid>i3-extended</groupid>

+     </optionlist>

+  </environment>

+   <environment>


      <_name>LXDE Desktop</_name>

      <_description>LXDE is a lightweight X11 desktop environment designed for computers with low hardware specifications like netbooks, mobile devices or older computers.</_description>

This commit makes four new additions to the Fedora 34 comps file:

  1. Adds i3 package group: Minimal, base set of packages required to run the i3 window manager
  2. Adds i3-extended package group: Supplemental, optional packages for advanced users who want several different tools available to use
  3. Adds i3-desktop-environment environment: Groups together a base system similar to other desktop environments.
  4. Adds i3-desktop-environment category: Adds a category that appears in the Anaconda installer for new Fedora installs.

Pending discussion on the devel@lists.fp.o mailing list.

CC: @x3mboy @nasirhm @defolos @odilhao @siddharthvipul1

LGTM, Thank you for working on it @jflory7


Thank you for working on this @jflory7

this duplication looks unintended and incorrect.

Perhaps we should call it "i3 desktop"? I think we should be careful using the word "workstation", especially Capitalized, for things that aren't actually Fedora Workstation.

BTW, just for reference, the installer does not actually use the "categories". It uses the environment groups. I think only some package managers use the "categories" these days.

just a heads up i think the master branch got renamed to main

I edited the pr to be against main. ;)

@jflory7 if you could address adamw's comments we can get this in. ;) We will likely also need some changes in pungi-fedora to compose it, but we can do that after the ks is in place.

You need a greeter package with lightdm in order for it to work. Please select one and put it in this group.

Hi @ngompa would lightdm-gtk be a valid choise? Do we need to add the lightdm-gtk-greeter-settings as well?

@odilhao If that's what you want to use, then yes.

ligthdm-gtk is installed as dependency. @ngompa Does it need to be listed explicitly?

You need to pick one, because there are multiple options that satisfy the lightdm-greeter dependency.

rebased onto e2895c4a7dcbac7a2458948446537c7821b93718

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1 new commit added

  • i3: Address @adamw and @ngompa feedback in fedora-comps#569
a year ago

I rebased on latest main and pushed commit 830a97e224c9236cac2cf737610703a551693b9e to address @adamw and @ngompa's feedback:

    This is a follow-up that addresses the following feedback:

    1. Remove deprecated category for i3-desktop-environment
    2. Change "i3 Workstation" to "i3 desktop" in Anaconda
    3. Add lightdm-gtk as default greeter for lightdm-greeter

    This should now be ready to merge.

Why is LXDE getting deleted?

1 new commit added

  • Re-add LXDE category, which was mistakenly deleted.
a year ago

@ngompa Umm, great question. I must have gone some lines too far without realizing it. Fixed in commit 49333688ce5c785f6f0d545e28c4a189ed9b2813.

3 new commits added

  • Re-add LXDE category, which was mistakenly deleted.
  • i3: Address @adamw and @ngompa feedback in fedora-comps#569
  • f34: Add i3, i3-extended, i3-desktop-environment COMPs
a year ago

@jflory7 Can you squash these down into a single commit?

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a year ago

Squashed them down into commit b0453c02698cf8ef1c87165e73cf2f1da7aa120e. :white_check_mark:

Weird extra space should be removed.

Okay, I merging this and removing the extra space, please make any necessary changes to both f34 and f35 comps file going further.

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