#536 Core: require ncurses-base
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sharkcz/fedora-comps ncurses  into  main

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@@ -592,7 +592,7 @@ 

        <packagereq type="mandatory">kbd</packagereq>

        <packagereq type="mandatory">less</packagereq>

        <packagereq type="mandatory">man-db</packagereq>

-       <packagereq type="mandatory">ncurses</packagereq>

+       <packagereq type="mandatory">ncurses-base</packagereq>

        <packagereq type="mandatory">openssh-clients</packagereq>

        <packagereq type="mandatory">openssh-server</packagereq>

        <packagereq type="mandatory">parted</packagereq>

I believe we need the basic terminal database to be available, not
the tools that work with the database (compiler, decompiler, etc).

Not even ncurses-libs?

I'd prefer to see more justification for this; I suspect that other pieces of core probably pull in portions of ncurses anyway.

There was only one, and it was made optional recently. I feel that if things actively need ncurses it should be a dependency of the package itself, not just included for the sake of it.

You are right that the libs are brought by other members of the @Core group. ncurses-libs require ncurses-base, maybe it would better to explicitly list the libs and they ensure the basic database is also installed.

For packages/rpms explicitly requiring ncurses see my email on the devel list.

So where are we here? Do we want to change this to libs?

I am more leaning to drop any ncurses entry from @Core. If any app needs terminfo, then it links with a library from ncurses-libs and ncurses-libs ensure the base terminfo database is also installed (via ncurses-base). My original idea was to ensure the presence of the minimal database in case there are users of the database not using the standard libtinfo library.

ncurses itself used to be required by coreutils. We added it back in Fedora CoreOS for Fedora 33 to get things like clear, reset in the terminal etc..

So, should we drop this then?

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