#282 workstation: Remove wvdial by default
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workstation: Remove wvdial by default
Colin Walters • 2 years ago  
file modified

@@ -6545,7 +6545,6 @@ 




-       <packagereq>ppp</packagereq>




@@ -6584,7 +6583,6 @@ 




-       <packagereq>wvdial</packagereq>




It's the only thing pulling in compat-openssl10 which pulls in
make due to not having the commit to primary openssl in

And drop ppp as an explicit dependency, it's already pulled in
by other things such as NetworkManager-pptp; if we ever dropped
that we'd want ppp to go away too.

This appears to have originated with the dial-up-support group from the very first commit here in git: https://pagure.io/fedora-comps/blob/c0622e777e0ec659b967619a94eeaf27632833d4/f/comps-f7.xml.in#_832

You could probably drop wireless-tools, net-tools and a few others if you're looking at dropping legacy tools.

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Pull-Request has been merged by kevin

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Ironically (given the submitter) I think this actually broke Atomic Workstation builds, see e.g. https://koji.fedoraproject.org/koji/taskinfo?taskID=28585189:

DEBUG util.py:439:  error: No package matches 'wvdial'

now wvdial isn't in the Workstation tree, it's not there for the Atomic Workstation compose, which still wants to pull it in, because it's explicitly listed in fedora-workstation-base-pkgs.json.

So...we need a corresponding change there, to get FAW building again.

The problem is that the manifest needed to be updated after this was merged. the notification probably got lost because it mas merged a long time after the PR was opened.

This should get us moving in the right direction: https://pagure.io/workstation-ostree-config/pull-request/88