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  title: CommOps


  # If you don't plan to have multiple versions of the docs (for example, to document multiple versions of some software), you can ignore this field. Otherwise, change "master" to a specific version.

- version: main

+ version: ~


  # We encourage you to name the index page as "index.adoc". If you absolutely have to use a different name, please reflect it here. You can ignore this field otherwise.

  start_page: ROOT:index

I noticed your documentation is available on docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/commops /latest/
If this is expected, then please disregard this PR.
If it's not, then please continue reading :)

Until now, Antora was using the value master as a keyword for unversioned components. This is now deprecated, and the right way to remove the version from a component with Antora 3 is by setting the version key to ~ (or null).
After that, your documentation module will be accessible at https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/commops/ (without the /latest/ part)

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I rebased this PR on the latest changes in main. Since the PR is over a year old, I also checked in with @darknao on #docs:fedoraproject.org about this change. There will be some URL breakage, but using the unversioned component is what we actually want to do here. I am going to merge this, and I will also ping the CommOps room about this change to raise awareness about the breakage.

Merging! Thanks @darknao for bringing this to our attention. :clapper:

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