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  = Ambassador Emeritus Member


  The https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/commops/handbooks/ambassador-emeritus/[Ambassador Emeritus] group is a group of retired Ambassadors. Ambassadors may retire for a variety of reasons, and can come back at any time. If an Ambassador Emeritus member would like to come back as an Ambassador in the future, check out the Ambassador Emeritus Role Handbook on what steps you should follow to rejoin.


  With great thanks & appreciation note

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  ** xref:fedora-join::index.adoc[Join SIG]

  ** xref:advocates.adoc[Advocates]

  ** xref:ambassador-emeritus.adoc[Ambassador Emeritus]

- ** xref:ambassdor.adoc[Ambassdor]

+ ** xref:ambassador.adoc[Ambassador]

  ** xref:commops.adoc[Community Operations]

  ** xref:marketing.adoc[Marketing] 

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  = Ambassadors Emeritus


  Ambassadors Emeritus are people who held ambassador position for at least one full year and leave the Ambassador role in good standing. 


  The Emeritus title is to publicly recognize them as former Ambassador and to thank them for contributing to the Fedora Project. 


  These can also be ambassadors who want to take a step back from the ambassador’s responsibility for a while to focus on their personal lives, 

- work or to avoid burnout. 

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+ work or to avoid burnout.