#201 docs/community-blog: Upgrade @bcotton, remove @jflory7 from editors
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@@ -81,11 +81,7 @@ 


  |Name |FAS account |IRC nickname


- |Justin W. Flory (editor-in-chief)

- |{FWIKI}/User:Jflory7[jflory7]

- |jwf


- |Ben Cotton

+ |Ben Cotton (_editor-in-chief_)




This commit marks Ben Cotton (@bcotton) as editor-in-chief of the Fedora
Community Blog in the CommOps docs. I also remove myself as an editor of
the CommBlog since I can no longer responsibly volunteer as an editor
because of changing time commitments.

This PR should be merged by Wednesday, May 15, since an article announcing the change-over will published on Thursday, May 16.

cc: @bcotton @bt0dotninja @dhanesh95 @bex

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