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  https://happinesspackets.fedorainfracloud.org/[**Send one now!**]


+ === Write your appreciation ===


+ You can also consider other ways of sharing and writing your appreciation for someone else and what they bring to our community.

+ If you are not sure of a specific person, you can also tweet general appreciation of Fedora, as operating city or as community.

+ Consider these ideas:


+ * Write a blog post

+ * Tweet a "thank you" to https://twitter.com/fedora[@fedora]

+ * Tweet a hat tip / thanks to another Fedora contributor with hashtag #WeAreFedora



  == Press


This PR adds in a new section to suggest alternate ways to write appreciation for others. It is taken directly from the wiki page. I took one final sweep of the wiki page before replacing it with the Fedora Docs redirect rule.

Could I get a +1/0/-1 on merging this PR? @bt0dotninja @bex @dhanesh95 @bcotton @x3mboy or any others welcome to review.

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