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+ = Community Blog


+ The https://communityblog.fedoraproject.org[Fedora Community Blog] (CommBlog) is a WordPress-based site that delivers news, updates, and calls for help from contributors across Fedora.


+ image::https://fedoraproject.org/w/uploads/0/09/Community_Blog_screenshot.png[Community Blog screenshot,90%,90%]



+ [[content]]

+ == Content


+ The Community Blog focuses on updates and information about the Fedora Project community.

+ Topics vary, but mostly include…


+ * News from specific sub-projects

+ * Updates on new features or changes in Fedora

+ * Calls for help from other contributors

+ * Official {FWIKI}/Elections[Fedora Elections] coverage

+ * Anything related to Fedora _contributor_ community



+ [[magazine-vs-community-blog]]

+ == Fedora Magazine vs. Community Blog


+ What is the difference between the https://fedoramagazine.org[Fedora Magazine] and the Community Blog?

+ They focus on two different audiences (or types of readers).


+ The Fedora Magazine targets everyday Fedora users, Linux enthusiasts, and technology hobbyists.

+ Fedora contributors are included in these audiences, but they are not the main focus.

+ The Community Blog is the news hub for Fedora contributors and people working inside of the Fedora community.

+ The Community Blog specifically focuses on our contributors.


+ For example, an article on how to use a new package in Fedora is better for the Magazine.

+ Any Fedora user may be interested in using the package.

+ An article that announces a new feature to a Fedora Infrastructure service or an Ambassador event report is better for the Community Blog.

+ A Fedora user may not be interested, but our contributors have a stronger interest.


+ Sometimes there is some overlap between the two.

+ Think hard about who you are writing for and who you want to read your article.

+ This should answer the question of where to write your article.

+ The CommOps and Fedora Magazine teams are happy to answer any doubts or questions if you are unsure.



+ [[write-article]]

+ == Write an article


+ The Community Blog is managed by the CommOps team.

+ The system administration is managed by {FWIKI}/Infrastructure[Fedora Infrastructure].

+ However, we need _your help_ to share the awesome things you and your area of Fedora are working on.


+ Articles don't need to be long.

+ Short snippets are useful too.

+ If you're not sure how much to write, 300 words is a good target.

+ If needed, you can always write more.


+ See the https://communityblog.fedoraproject.org/writing-community-blog-article/[Writing an article] guide to get started.

+ This page explains the process for writing and how to get your post published.



+ [[community-blog-theme]]

+ == Community Blog theme


+ The Community Blog WordPress theme is open source.

+ Find the source code https://pagure.io/communityblog-theme[on Pagure].

+ Open a ticket if you find a bug, problem, or something to improve.

+ Pull requests are also welcome!

+ Before submitting a pull request, email the CommOps mailing list first and ask for feedback on your planned contribution.



+ [[editors]]

+ == Editors


+ Community Blog editors review article drafts and schedule new posts.

+ Editors are reachable on the https://lists.fedoraproject.org/admin/lists/commops.lists.fedoraproject.org/[CommOps mailing list].

+ The mailing list is the best way to reach an editor.


+ Below, you can find a current list of editors:


+ .Community Blog editors

+ |===

+ |Name |FAS account |IRC nickname


+ |Justin W. Flory (editor-in-chief)

+ |{FWIKI}/User:Jflory7[jflory7]

+ |jwf


+ |Brian Exelbierd

+ |{FWIKI}/User:Bex[bex]

+ |bexelbie


+ |Brian Proffitt

+ |{FWIKI}/User:Bproffit[bproffit]

+ |bkp


+ |Matthew Miller

+ |{FWIKI}/User:Mattdm[mattdm]

+ |mattdm


+ |Nick Bebout

+ |{FWIKI}/User:Nb[nb]

+ |nb


+ |===

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