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This issue is a stub for working out ideas, concepts, and other steps involved for contributors who would like to officially join the DotNet team.


The goal of the dotnet SIG is to establish dotnet presence in Fedora, from providing information to the user, through taking care of dotnet packages in future Fedora releases, to providing information and help to other packagers.

Current state

Basic wiki page[1] was drafted, mailing list[3] and FAS group[4] created, and we are currently looking for a good time for IRC meetings. During the first IRC meeting we should discuss the future goals and next steps of our progress (agenda)

Questions & Ideas

  • Wiki page - Everything is currently at wiki/dotnet[1] while I would like this page to contain general info about dotnet on Fedora, info for the user and packagers how to use dotnet, etc... and to move the organizational part about the team and joining it to wiki/SIGs/dotnet[2]

  • FAS Group & Mailing List - I'm not entirely sure about this, what would it ideally look like in the future, however for now there is no reason to do anything and we can keep it as it is with a single group and list. The idea for the future is, that if dotnet becomes popular and the group would grow, we should split off the core team and create new fas group and mailing list dotnet-devel or something along those lines, while the SIG would remain generic and public group of people with common interest.

  • What next? (technical side) - This should be answered during the first (above mentioned) IRC meeting, it should go along the lines of getting all the current problems together (pagure issues) and starting to look into them one by one - we should come up with priorities, etc... Next steps in organization of the group are already outlined and questions are raised in the above points.

  • GitHub vs Pagure for code - I think that it would be best to use github for code (if we will have to fork it in order to fix it up for Fedora that is...) because the whole dotnet community is there[5] and so it would probably be best to keep it there, while using pagure for organizational stuff, general SIG related tasks and issues.


  1. wiki/dotnet: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/DotNet
  2. wiki/SIGs/dotnet: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/SIGs/DotNet
  3. mailing list: https://lists.fedoraproject.org/admin/lists/dotnet-sig.lists.fedoraproject.org
  4. FAS group: https://admin.fedoraproject.org/accounts/group/view/dotnet-sig
  5. dotnet github: https://github.com/dotnet

Meeting minutes from our first meeting where we discussed both, organization, and how to proceed...


Discussed in 2017-01-24 meeting.

@rhea shared questions about confusion over some of the situations the DotNet SIG is facing with regards to packaging. Radka is going to reach out to some other language-specific SIGs or others for advice on how to proceed.

However, the key feedback is that it is difficult to learn more about pkgdb and how new teams should proceed. This could make a good topic as a separate issue as well.

I had followed up with @rhea in IRC and we agreed that this ticket was complete. Going to go ahead and close it out! :clapper:

Happy to see the DotNet SIG running at full speed. :smile:

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