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We've discussed this a bit, and I've hacked up a demo site here:


The idea is not to clash with other resources such as wcidff or the information different teams lay out on the wiki. The idea is merely to give anyone, especially newbies that are not aware of the internals of the Fedora community, a nice friendly overview of the project. While it does this, it also gives them examples of teams and tasks that teams carry out - in the hope that it'll assist them to get started with contributing.

When the hubs are ready, the links to the various teams' join pages on the wiki will be replaced with the corresponding links on the hubs.

The point behind this ticket would be to gather some feedback. Please do look at the issues we already have open against the project and feel free to open more :)


Discussed in 2016-09-13 meeting.

We discussed this ticket during our meeting today. Nice work so far by @ankursinha on Charlie! It's still under heavy development and needs more work, so we agreed on setting the target milestone for this project to be "complete" for Fedora 26.

Once Charlie is farther along, I have asked @ankursinha to bring this ticket back up and we will work on the process of getting this site in front of https://join.fedoraproject.org. He has also asked for any help to test the project and provide feedback about the interface! Feel free to check it out and leave your thoughts in the form of issues / tickets on his project. :smile:

Ticket closed

@bee2502 and I did some ticket triage tonight and we revisited this one. Since it's been seven months, we figured we would go ahead and close it. It would probably also be a good idea to involve the Design Team for vetting the website (with fedora-bootstrap) and also the Fedora Websites team too (@robyduck could probably offer the most feedback).

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Thanks @jflory - this can be revisited after hubs is released if at all required.

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