#8 CommBlog Article: Flock Call for Bids
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As discussed by the Fedora Council earlier this week and in our [https://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/fedora-meeting-2/2015-11-17/fedora-meeting-2.2015-11-17-17.03.html weekly meeting] today, an upcoming '''high-priority''' article for the Community Blog is an open call for a second round of bids for next year's Flock location. Both locations proposed earlier were rejected because of budget concerns, and it is important for contributors to propose new locations for next year's Flock.

The CommBlog is the intended platform to distribute this news! Seeing as decause has joint responsibilities for the Flock planning this year, he was elected to draft up the article later this week. However, more discussion is needed to be clear about how to deliver this news.

'''Deadline''': 2015 Nov 20

The article has been published for almost two weeks but hasn't gained much traction (netting less than 30 views). Going to send mail to social-media + marketing to gain some more eyes on this time-sensitive topic.

Discussed in 2015-12-08 meeting.

'''Result''': This is still relevant; ultimately, the pitch period for Flock bids is open until a valid bid is received. The French locations were ruled out due to budget constraints and the Vienna bid is incomplete. The context of these locations and why they're not working needs to be added to the [https://communityblog.fedoraproject.org/last-call-bids-for-flock-2016/ CommBlog article]. This is high priority and does need to be updated this week.

- Update CommBlog article
- Promote article on social media
- Send article to announce lists

'''Reference Material''':
- [https://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/marketing/2015-December/018499.html Mailing list discussion]

The [https://communityblog.fedoraproject.org/last-call-bids-for-flock-2016/ revised article] is public. Pending final approval from decause, stickster, and others, it will be ready to promote on social media and the relevant -announce list(s).

Discussed in meeting 2015-12-15.

'''Result''': Article is officially finished. Needs to be shared with list along with:

  • Social media post draft
  • Announce mailing list draft

Once our list approves of these, it can be shared with the actual Announce lists and on social media channels. This is high-priority and should be wrapped up this week!

Discussed in meeting 2016-01-05.

This article was shared across subgroups of the project and a few more proposals have popped up or been completed. We have a proposal for Krakow, Poland and the Vienna, Austria proposal was completed.

We decided that it couldn't hurt to get a little more social media exposure for the article, so the article is going to be sent to the social-media list once more, CC commops. I'll take care of that.

Once the post hits social media, we can close the ticket.

Ticket still seems to be ongoing, I haven't seen it shared on social media. Might be getting a little late for this? We should probably decide if this is something we still want to pursue at the 2016-01-12 meeting. I noticed it was sent to the social-media + marketing lists twice, so things seem to be stalling a little.

[12:53:31] <decauseMovesToNC> also, just got off the FLOCK organizers call
[12:54:00] <decauseMovesToNC> it is NOT official yet, the paperwork is not done, but the org committee is working on getting our flock place/dates ready to be announced before FOSDEM next week

With these details noted above, the need to push to social media is no longer needed. It appears that the bid is about to be announced, and the chosen medium will be the CommBlog! A new ticket with these details will be opened shortly.

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