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#76 Update Onboarding Calendar for GSoC 2016

Created 2 years ago by decause
Modified 2 years ago

= phenomenon =

The admins and mentors have gotten our rough roadmaps together for the first segment of GSoC for each student, but we still need to settle on days/times for a few regular meetings, and add those to the onboarding fedocal.

= background analysis =

= implementation recommendation =

Create a whenisgood.net poll for bi-weekly mentor check-in by 5/11. Results Due 5/22

Add bi-weekly mentor check-ins there

Add weekly status meeting for GSoC (based on a whenisgood.net sent to interns for GSoC, Outreachy, and RHT)

Figure out

As far as I can tell, this ticket was completed a while back in May! skamath and dhanesh95 took care of this one, if I can recall correctly.

Closing ticket!

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