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In the spirit of the open source way, there should be talking points or other resources for helping other projects form their own "CommOps" teams.

Background Analysis

This idea stemmed from a conversation I just had with another student at my university (shout out to nolski the Mozillan). We were discussing the type of contributor that CommOps brings in and how it's somewhat unprecedented for open source projects in general.

He mentioned the idea that there are other larger open source projects out there that could really benefit and use a CommOps sub-project or team in their own community. For general open source conferences and other "friends of Fedora" organizations, it would be cool if we had a way to explain the following to another open source project:

  • What is CommOps?
  • Why is it different from a community working group?
  • Why is community so important?
  • How can another project implement CommOps in their own community?

Implementation Recommendation

This could happen in a number of ways, all deserving of greater discussion. This could be a series of talking points on a wiki page. It could be a Community Blog article explaining more about Fedora CommOps and what we do. It could be a slide deck or series of slides explaining what a Community Operations team does and how it can work in another project.

How this is implemented deserves more discussion at a meeting. This task should be considered a low priority item for long-term planning after CommOps has some more time in the Fedora community (maybe after Flock or part of Flock 2016?).

Ticket closed

While this ticket would be a cool idea, I don't think it's something realistic for us to accomplish right now. We can revisit this at a future time if we feel like it's something worth bringing up again.

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