#74 Add license information to the CommBlog footer
Closed: Fixed 6 years ago Opened 6 years ago by skamath.

= Problem =
Currently, Community Blog doesn't seem to have license information mentioned anywhere.

= Enhancement =
Add CC-BY-SA license info to the footer of the CommBlog.

I made changes and did pull request. First time of done something like this. Hopefully it's good.

Hey all, the pull request lives [https://pagure.io/communityblog-theme/pull-request/8 here] in Pagure right now. Once ryanlerch has a chance to review it, we can revisit this ticket. I'm going to CC him on this ticket in case he might have missed the PR. Once we hear back from him, we can put this ticket back on the agenda or close it out.

@ryanlerch Would you be able to review this PR on the Community Blog? Figured you probably have just missed it and it fell off my radar too.

Pull request merged

Thanks for submitting this PR, @linuxhippie, even if it took some time for it to be reviewed. The commit is now in the main branch and will be included in the next release of the Community Blog theme.

Closing this ticket as fixed now!

@jflory7 changed the status to Fixed

6 years ago

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