#64 Create a wiki page for Hacksession
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  • will have a basic introduction of what the hack sessions
  • Timings
  • How to join them
  • Any other details

I'm +1 to this idea. I wonder, though, do we need an entirely new wiki page or should we just add it to our pre-existing page? As far as I know, we're the only sub-project in Fedora that has "hack sessions" (or at least, calls them that). Might make more sense to just integrate it in a section on our page for meetings!

I'm going to take this ticket and try to create a short-and-sweet wiki page explaining a hack session (something I'd like to reboot in coming times now that the craziness of summer has passed). :smile:

Ticket closed

Wiki page: Hack session

The hack session wiki page is finally created! I think this does an accurate job of relaying what a hack session is and how they're structured. Speaking of these, we need to put some back on the agenda. :smile:

If anyone has any feedback on the wiki page, feel free to comment here or edit the wiki page directly. Thanks!

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4 years ago

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