#58 Look into creating a Fedora Mumble service
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In the big scary world of audio/video services on the web, the proprietary kings of Skype, Google+, and Oovoo reign supreme over all. The FOSS outlook looks dark and grim. What is an open-source user to do?!


However, one potential solution exists to half of the problem. To address audio, there is Mumble, a free and open source, low-latency, high quality voice chat software. Mumble is the open source client, and it also comes with the open source server implementation, Murmur.

Depending on discussion about this ticket, this could be something to propose to Infrastructure or the Council.

With the advent of [https://jitsi.org/ Jitsi], a free and open source video chat communication platform, I no longer think this ticket is necessary. The #fedora-apps team has already successfully used this for their video meetings and I'm pretty sure the Council is looking at trying it out too.

In the meanwhile, I'm going to close this ticket with the note that we're probably going to be checking out Jitsi for these kind of things in the near future.

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