#57 [Onboarding Series] CommOps!
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This ticket is a stub for working out the artwork, concept, and steps involved for awarding a Fedora badge for contributors who would like to officially join the CommOps team.

Current Process

See the CommOps/Join page for the expanded version.

  1. Create an FAS account
  2. Join the mailing list
  3. Send a self-introduction
  4. Add yourself to the wiki page
  5. Register on ​Community Blog
  6. Join #fedora-commops on IRC
  7. Get "Bootstrapped"!
  8. Join the FAS group
  9. Attend a meeting
  10. Get your hands dirty

Discussed in 2016-03-22 meeting.

We agreed that we were going to defer this ticket to later discussion in lieu of the Infrastructure on-boarding series and other tasks that are happening now in CommOps. We'll revisit this again soon!

Bringing this ticket back to the front since we're looking at tackling it next on our list of on-boarding badge series.

@skamath recently filed a ticket on the on-boarding series for us in the Badges Trac.

Removing this ticket from the meeting agenda for now since we're blocking on the Badges Trac ticket for the time being.

I just pinged in the Badges Pagure about if the artwork for the CommOps badge was ready to be pushed – as far as I know, that was the final blocker to this ticket. Once we know if the artwork is ready, we can have the badge pushed and then close this ticket.

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5 years ago

The badge is ready and has been pushed. I am closing this ticket.

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4 years ago

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4 years ago

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