#56 [Onboarding Series] Ambassadors
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This ticket is a stub for working out the artwork, concept, and steps involved for awarding a Fedora badge for contributors who would like to officially join the Ambassadors team.

Current Process

  1. Get a FAS Account (sign the FPCA)
  2. Create a User Wiki Page
  3. Join Mailing Lists and IRC Channels
  4. Contact a Regional Mentor, get sponsored
  5. Get mentor approval
  6. Attend regional ambassador meeting, introduce yourself

Discussion from Flock

In the CommOps workshop @ Flock 2016, we received a lot of helpful and valuable feedback from members of the community, and the Ambassadors were one of the most discussed items at Flock. After #84, I would like to bring focus over to this ticket. For now, reviewing the video isn't a bad idea.

Discussed in the (informal) 2016-09-10 post-Flock hack session.

There's so added detailed added to the section for that date, pasted below for convenience:

  1. Opening up
    • Mailing list: Removing FAS sponsorship requirement to participate on the mailing list
      • What brought about this requirement?
      • If moderation is the concern, do we need more mailing list owners?
  2. Wiki page
    • More intuitive design / wizard-like (thinking of the process proposed by @tatica in Hubs??)
    • Concern over information large amount of information / text becoming outdated (and not being updated)

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6 years ago

It was decided in CommOps meeting on 2017-09-13, that CommOps would work towards an integrated document to guide different teams on how-to create effective onboarding guidelines and provide them with examples.

More Info here -

Ticket for how-to document to guide different teams on creating and implementing effective onboarding guidelines is here -

Accordingly, I am closing the onboarding tickets for individual teams.

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