#49 [Onboarding Series] Infrastructure
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This ticket is a stub for working out the artwork, concept, and steps involved for awarding a fedora badge for contributors who would like to officially join the Infrastructure team.

The basic steps have been identified in the presentation on Open Infrastructure delivered at cfgmgmntcamp 2016 by puiterwijk and decause:


There haven't been a whole lot of updates on this ticket as of yet. This ticket is intended to be our second on-boarding series to work on after the CommOps one as we have plenty of information on Infrastructure.

For now, I'm removing this ticket from the meeting agenda while we focus on CommOps, since we have the badge proposal in the Badges Team Trac.

"We'll be back."

Pending technical challenges

The status of this ticket is currently blocking on three new badge proposals. While the badges aren't specific to Infrastructure, they cover specific tools that are important to the workflow for Infrastructure (mailing list activity and experience with Pagure).

The badge proposals for these are as below:

What's happening now

Since we're currently blocking on these tickets, I am removing this ticket from our meeting agenda so we can focus on other topics in the meanwhile. I also CC'd @skamath to this ticket since he has done a lot better job of keeping tabs on the technical issues, and I'm hoping he can leave a more detailed explanation about the kind of issues we're facing and what's being done to make these ones possible.

Once we get these badges pushed and live, I'll want to check in with some members of the Infrastructure team for feedback on the on-boarding process and if there's anything else they would find helpful and useful to improve on.

@skamath When you have a chance, could you explain the status of the blockers for some of these badges in this ticket?? I know we discussed them somewhere, at some point, but I can't seem to find the logs.

Hello, sorry for the late reply - missed this somehow.

Status of Long Life to Pagure :

After the badge was pushed, the structure of pagure.git.receive was changed and hence it was broken. I see a new patch on the ticket and as soon as we have it patched, it looks like we can get it to work. @jflory7 It looks good to push :)

Status of Hot Topic :

Still blocked by the mailman bug. I had filed an issue about this and is yet to be resolved. We will have to wait for the agent field to appear in the JSON before this badge can be pushed :(

Status of Licensed to Push :

No 'technical' blockers as of now. I had uploaded all the missing yml's required and the ticket is now waiting for the artwork approval. As soon as we have the artwork, this badge can be pushed to production :100:

That feeling when you type up a reply and then it all gets eaten up by Pagure… (pagure#1281)

  • Long Life to Pagure: Awesome, thanks for reviewing that patch, @skamath. I went ahead and tried to bring in some key stakeholders in fedmsg / Tahrir to review that one since it seems like there's some room for discussion on how we implement this. Once a technical decision and patch are ready, we should be able to push that one up easily and cross this one off the list.
  • Hot Topic: Ahh, okay. I wasn't aware of that repo until now. I wonder if @abompard would be someone who could review that issue? I know he does a lot with the mailing lists, but I'm not sure if that would also include fedmsg hooks.
  • Licensed to Push: Sounds good – once the artwork is settled, we can push that one whenever.

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It was decided in CommOps meeting on 2017-09-13, that CommOps would work towards an integrated document to guide different teams on how-to create effective onboarding guidelines and provide them with examples.

More Info here -

Ticket for how-to document to guide different teams on creating and implementing effective onboarding guidelines is here -

Since we have an open artwork related to this, we can decide further steps after discussion in today's meeting.

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@jflory7 will follow-up further with @sayanchowdhury and Design team about Fedora Badges related to Fedora Infrastructure (i.e. fedora-badges #434, #441, #442); update Infrastructure on-boarding ticket once new info is available (DUE: 2017-10-23)

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Left new comments on the badge tickets:

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4 years ago

Ticket closed

In the CommOps FAD, we agreed to close the on-boarding series tickets since they have stalled out. Most of them are blocking on specific Fedora Badges (and there are tickets already filed). If we want to revisit a specific team, we should file a new ticket and start from a fresh slate.

I think it's worth noting a lot of awesome work was done on this series in our beginning two years – thanks everyone who has helped on the on-boarding work over the years.

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