#47 This Trac is hard to find
Closed: Fixed None Opened 6 years ago by kparal.

I've been looking for this trac and haven't found it, so I was convinced CommOps doesn't use one. It would be nice to have it more discoverable on your wiki page:

It is actually mentioned there, but under "Meetings", which I of course skipped over.

I'd either create "Issues" or a similar section right under "Mailing lists" section and put a link to this trac there, or I'd rename "Mailing lists" to "Communicate" or "How to reach us" or similar, and put everything (mailing list, irc, trac) in there.

Done, added this to our wiki page earlier this evening. Should help make it more obvious about our Trac's location. :)

Thanks for pointing this out and reporting it!!

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