#45 [Upstream] Talking Points: Python
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It has been discussed by Fedora Leadership that a primary audience we want to reach is developers. There are many types of developers, so focusing specifically on the Python Community can help us narrow down our strategy. There are big benefits here because:

  • Fedora is going to be python3 by default (we just held a successful vFAD for porting)
  • There are a number of upstream python developers within Fedora (and Red Hat) who can help us reach out effectively.
  • Python has a healthy ecosystem of onboarding organizations that focus generally on new contributors, and specifically on getting underrepresented contributors involved (PyLadies, Django Girls, etc...)

We want to develop talking points for engaging with each of these stakeholder group effectively, and have them ready for when we attend PyCon 2016 (5/28-6/5)

We really need to develop a compelling contribution story beyond "packaging python libraries for Fedora" is the best way to contribute.

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Reviewing the Marketing ticket, it was closed many months ago. We produced some awesome Python swag in time for PyCon US and the brochure is already seeing worldwide use at events with Fedora.

Once again, a special thanks and tipping of hats is in order to:

And the many others who have contributed feedback here!

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JFYI, we are slowly progressing with Python Developers Talking Points in here: https://github.com/fedora-python/fedoralovespython.org (talking to Python developers at Flock, we agreed what actually should be promoted).

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