#38 Onboarding Process Discussion
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Ensure the onboarding process makes it easier for interested people to find ways to contribute to the team. Discuss factors that might raise barriers for new contributors.

'''Discussed in [https://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/fedora-meeting-2/2016-02-09/commops.2016-02-09-16.56.html 2016-02-09 meeting].'''

== Thoughts ==
During the open floor of our meeting, we touched on some of the barriers to contributing to CommOps, like Charles mentioned above. The pace and speed that CommOps can work at can make it difficult for others who do not have the full-time advantages to remain involved and still feel a part of the team.

We want CommOps to feel more inclusive to others who want to get involved, and the pace at which we move might come off as intimidating to others who are just looking at getting started.

== Solution ==
A variety of solutions were brought up in the short time that we had to discuss this.

  • Do we want to have mentors to help indoctrinate new participants in CommOps?
  • Should we try to bulk down our meetings?
  • Should major decisions CommOps make be decided by votes in tickets, to allow people to check in at their own convenience and weigh in on what is being discussed?

All of these proposed solutions and more should be discussed with the team, either in the next meeting or on the mailing list. We need to focus on addressing what the barriers are or might be and how we can lower them or make them less intimidating from the outside.

== Ticket Actions ==
I believe this is something we should try to accomplish or at least begin discussing during this release cycle, so I have changed the milestone to Fedora 23. I am adding the ticket to our next meeting agenda. I am raising the ticket priority to ''major'' because I think this is an important discussion topic related to how we operate. Adding other interested persons who expressed interest in the meeting to the CC list.

'''Discussed in [https://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/teams/commops/commops.2016-02-16-16.55.html 2016-02-16 meeting].'''

In today's meeting, we went over the three proposed solutions in the above comment.

=== CommOps Mentors ===
With the current size of CommOps, having mentors doesn't seem that effective. In a sense, everyone is kind of already a mentor. If we grow significantly larger, we can revisit this idea in the future.

=== Bulking down the meetings ===
Sacrificing the efficiency and effectiveness of our meetings would be a difficult change to makeā€¦ for now, we will try to keep them nice and tight in the one hour slot, but we can revisit this in the future as well.

=== '''Ticket voting''' ===
This is a new change we decided to begin using as of this meeting. To help make it easier to be involved with the decisions we make, we opted to use voting in tickets as our method of making decisions. The voting is done in a lazy consensus style, and there is a 48 hour window after sharing with the mailing list before the ticket can be officially approved or decided.

If you're not familiar with lazy consensus, it is fairly straightforward. People can vote with a +1, +0, or -1 on something. If no -1 votes are given, it is assumed everyone is +1. If a -1 vote is given, discussion will ensue.

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